What is Strategic Intelligence?

Dear Reader,

Strategic Intelligence is the investment newsletter built around the ideas of Jim Rickards, the best-selling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money. Jim has dedicated himself to understanding the complexity of our financial system and has used his insights to build early warning systems for the CIA and Pentagon. Now he is applying the same techniques to help ordinary investors like you prepare for future financial threats and crises.

The central aim of Strategic Intelligence is to help you build an investment portfolio with an eye on the next financial crisis. When will that be? No one can say for sure. What we can say though is our financial system is inherently unstable and grows more so each day.

Since the last financial crisis began in 2007, levels of indebtedness worldwide have gone up. Too-big-to-fail banks are even bigger and more concentrated, posing greater systemic risk if one of them should fail. Central banks have not even begun to unwind the emergency stimulus measures they undertook last time the system crashed.

As a Strategic Intelligence member you’ll get regular analysis from Jim on how he thinks the next crisis will play out. Jim will look the “Indications and Warnings”, a technique he picked up from his national security work, and will update you on which scenarios look more likely as fresh data become available.

You’ll get regular actionable investment ideas from Strategic Intelligence‘s Investment Director David Stevenson. The majority of David’s ideas will be simple equity plays, that is shares you can buy in companies that meet David’s key criteria: out-of-favour, offering good value and with a catalyst that can drive the share price higher. Jim will also share with you his favourite wealth protection strategies, including measures aimed at avoiding the worst effects of inflation AND deflation.

The current system could stumble on as it is for a while yet. But it can’t go on forever without running into serious trouble. The time to prepare is now.

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